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Our Car Wash Project in association with Yarlington Homes


The soaps we make at The Hub are just gorgeous and gentle on the skin.



From paper mache bowls, to plant-able seeded bunting the range of creative products we make from upcycled materials is amazing!



From reuse of materials for our gift products to furniture restoration and gardening we make use of the materials at hand and come up with some great ideas!

Cooking and Shopping

Every lunchtime we all sit down for a hearty lunch cooked by our Trainees in our own kitchen.


We cook a variety of healthy meals and cover basic cooking and life skills such as shopping and cleaning. Many of our fresh ingredients are grown on site by our Gardening Team and we use lots of seasonal ingredients from local growers or picked ourselves.


Lately the kitchen has been producing beautiful bread, preserves and jam!

Bread makers Black berries

We have a several growing systems at The Hub Yeovil. There is a seasonal gardening group in the large polytunnel at The Hub. Trainees learn about healthy living and developing appetites for nutricious and nourishing food by growing, harvesting, preparing and cooking meals uses our own produce.


We are able to grow a lot of the fresh salad and herbs that we use in the kitchen, and we are working on ways to offer our produce to the wider community.




The services we provide are structured around a real working environment.


We achieve this through a variety of Micro Enterprise Work Groups that provide hands-on opportunities in business; from production, to marketing and sales.


Our products are made by our Production and Design Teams and sold through local shops as well as our own shops -

The Courtyard and The Scrapstore.


Our Trainees are involved at every step of the process. Profits are returned to the organisation for the benefit of the Trainess.

The Hub has a large warehouse that receives-in all donated recyclable materials, including reusable paint, wood, fabric, plastic, foam, leather and mount- board. The list is endless.....


Trainees are involved in treating, sorting, labelling and sorting the materials to suply our Scrapstore, where it is sold to the public, and our craft team where new products are made and sold at the Scrapstore

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Are you a local company that could benefit by using our workforce to help your organisation?


People with learning disabilities and difficulties are committed, loyal and hard-working. They can be comfortable doing predictable work in a consistent way. Our work-coaches can support your organisation to support trainees.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any opportunities

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